Top Seller of 3C Products in Indonesia

Focus on users, adhere to design innovation and present exquisite and excellent products.

A 3C seller Focused On Improving your Life Living Style

JOYSEUS is a well-known consumer electronics brand integrating R&D, design, production and sales. We are committed to providing users with practical and aesthetic products.

Let each mobile terminal, every family have a JOYSEUS. This vision will be done with you.

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Our Superiorities

Based on users. Continuous innovations.

Design Innovation

Joyseus always insists on design innovation, adheres to the design concept of practical aesthetics, and focuses on integrating new technology, environmentally-friendly materials and fashion elements into our products.

Cooperative Team

We have a team with tacit understanding, and well-training, committed to common goals and corporate vision, to provide customers with the best products, delivery and after-sales service.

Strong Alliance

JOYSEUS also focuses on technical strength and quality, and seeks outstanding technical partners in various fields. It focuses on integrating suppliers and partners to reduce our cost of products to jointly develop more competitive products.

Our Products

Choose simple point and line elements, with exquisite colors and materials, carefully process the structure and cleanly integrate into the products.

Customer Testimonials

"I like the products of JOYSEUS. Their products are very textured, comfortable to use, and of good quality. I've recommended them to people aound me, including my friends and parents."
Mohammed Sah
From Jakarta
"Wow what awesome products. Easy to use; seamless with my cellphone. After a year still no issues. I love its design and the way it expresses elegance. Bought lots of kits for my cellphone."
Riska Siti
From Kota Denpasar